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Cookies policy
This Cookies Policy must be read together with the Privacy Policy.

Luxury Experience collects information about your device through the use of «cookies and similar technology».

What are «cookies and similar technologies»? They are small files with information related to multiple variables, such as; the number of times the page has been visited by the user. These files are stored in your terminal, through the browser, and communicate with web pages to customize navigation based on the information provided.
What end does it pursue? Describe the different types of cookies used in relation to the website https://luxuryexperience.es/ ,
ownership of Unique Luxury Experience Service, S.L.

Who uses cookies?

The information collected through the cookies downloaded from the website is used by Unique Luxury Experience Service, SL, Google Inc., Iperceptions Inc., Gigya Inc., ShareThis, Inc., YouTube, LLC, Shoreware SA, Oracle America, Inc., Twitter, Inc. and Facebook, Inc. as providers of analytics and advertising services.

How are cookies managed?

Please note that the browser settings in order to prevent the installation of any cookie may affect the operation of some features of the website itself, as well as the display of some content. In general, browsers offer the possibility of managing the cookies installed by a certain web page, obtaining information regarding their duration and the possibility of deactivating, restricting, blocking or eliminating them.

The user must modify the browser settings used on his terminal (computer, smartphone or tablet). In general, browsers offer the following configuration options in relation to the installation of cookies:

That the browser rejects all cookies and, therefore, that no cookie is installed from any web page in the user’s terminal.
o That the browser warns you before the installation of the cookie occurs so that the user decides whether or not to accept the installation of the same.

That the browser only rejects third-party cookies from the websites you visit, but not those used by the website through which the user browses.

The option of browsing in private mode through which cookies are installed in the terminal, but is automatically removed when browsing the website ends.

What type of cookies are used on the website?

  • Necessary for the proper functioning of the website. They activate basic functions such as browsing the website or accessing secure areas of it. The website cannot function without this type of cookies.

PHPSESSID https://luxuryexperience.es/ HTTP Session EEUU (suitable
according to EU regulations).

wc_cart_hash_# https://luxuryexperience.es/ HTML Persistent EEUU (suitable according to EU regulations).

wc_fragments_# https://luxuryexperience.es/ HTML Session EEUU (suitable according to EU regulations).

  • They allow analyzing how the website is used in order to improve the quality of navigation. Used to determine the optimal video quality based on the visitor’s device and network settings.

yt-player-headers-readable https://youtube.com HTML Persistent EEUU (suitable according to EU regulations).

  • They are used to give access to some functionalities of the website itself in order to facilitate and improve the browsing experience. They allow the website to collect information about how the website behaves, its appearance, language or place where it is located.

yt-player-bandaid-host https://youtube.com HTML Persistent EEUU (
suitable according to EU regulations).

  • They are used in order to analyze the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Specifically, to track visitors to the website in order to show the most relevant and attractive ads for the user, and therefore most valuable to third-party advertisers and publishers.

GPS youtube.com HTTP 1 día EEUU (suitable according to EU regulations).

IDE doubleclick.net HTTP 1 año EEUU (suitable according to EU regulations).

test_cookie doubleclick.net HTTP 1 día EEUU (suitable according to EU regulations).

VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE youtube.com HTTP 179 days EEUU (suitable according to EU regulations).

YSC youtube.com HTTP Session EEUU (suitable according to EU regulations).