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Private security is the provision of a service in order to protect the assets or rights of a company or person. Buildings, land, warehouses and homes are mainly the reasons why this service is used. Although it is also very common for important people or with high purchasing power to hire this service for their protection.

Our services have the help and development of technology such as systems to guarantee the safety of both people and homes, security cameras, etc.


Fixed surveillance: Security guards must remain in a fixed position. They can take short tours without straying too far from their workplace. The use of these types of private security is common in residential complexes and office buildings.

-Mobile surveillance: Security guards must make rounds in a certain area. In general, the rounds are made in large areas and the security guards have some means of transport for their mobility. These types of private security is common in large companies such as those belonging to the energy or mining sector.

Transport of valuables: These types of private security are responsible for transporting and guarding some good from one place to another. Securities transportation service is very common in the banking sector, such as remittance transportation.

Shooting guard:
These types of private security mix the 3 above. It is responsible for the protection of an asset or person in their displacement, in a fixed or delimited area. The bodyguards or bodyguards are trained to prevent, detect and protect the physical integrity of the people they serve.


-Have trained service personnel, which generates the certainty that they will be prepared to react and give the best coverage and results.

-Have the assurance that the contracted company constantly updates its systems and staff training.

-Receive permanent supervision, since there is the possibility of hiring closed circuit television, permanent rounds, alarms, etc.

-Attention 24 hours, because the staff of a private security company is always attentive through different shifts to give attention to any event.

-Systematic equipment and protocols, private security guards receive all the equipment, equipment and sufficient instructions to know how to act and how to handle the different situations that arise.

    In Luxury Experience We provide you with the best private security you can wish for, with services specially designed to guarantee your safety, that of your facilities or materials in the event of any problem or incident.
    In addition, our security staff has the necessary material for each type of work or need (explosives detection equipment, communications equipment, different types of vehicles, etc.)